onsdag, november 21, 2018

Castillo de Canena: First Day of Harvest 2018

Castillo de Canena presents the 13thannual limited edition of its exclusive First Day of Harvest collection, this year designed by the renowned author Juan Eslava Galán

  • Derived from a careful selection of olives from choice olive trees, harvested at the moment of their optimal ripeness, thanks to innovative precision agriculture
  • A monovarietal(Arbequina or Picual) extra virgin olive oil, anxiously awaited throughout the year, that stands out among top-shelf oils for care taken in its creation as well as its aroma, flavour and quality
  • The new label designed by Juan Eslava Galán features two embossed Roman coins from Imperial Hispania: the bust of the Emperor Hadrian on the Picual First Day of Harvest bottle, and the goddess Athena’s owl with an olive branch on the bottle of the Arbequino First Day of Harvest
  • Read press release here!

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