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Castillo de Canena i Forbes Spania

Francisco Vañó, generaldirektør for Castillo de Canena.
Forbes Spain, 19.06 2018
How Francisco Vañó did it, general director of Castillo de Canena.

Francisco Vañó, general director of Castillo de Canena, there are numerous factors that affect the final quality of extra virgin olive oil. 
The agronomic part is basic. 
The exhaustive monitoring of the olive trees of the different payments from the flowering, also. 
And the correct execution of agricultural work, the implementation of precision agriculture to obtain as much information as possible, the exact determination of the moment of the beginning of the harvest, the perfect coordination of the equipment at harvest time, the maximum technification and the constant innovation in industrial grinding processes, an irreproachable cellar storage system ... 
In short, scrupulously controlling all the links of the value chain is vital to obtain an excellent product. They control all of them and that is why theirs is one of the most recognized and internationally appreciated brands in the sector. 
"There are also determining factors such as the optimal soil structure for the development of the olive grove, orography, altitude or geographical location. Fortunately, the region of La Loma, in the heart of Jaén, where our field is located, has been, for more than 2,000 years, the cradle of the olive grove and the best extra virgin olive oils ". 
Excellence, the products made in the bucolic Castillo de Canena, recognized with multiple awards, including Mario Solinas (COI) for its EVOO Picual Family Reserve, something like lifting the Champions League of oil. 
"The International Olive Oil Council, as is well known, is a supranational body created in 1956 under the auspices of the UN that harmonizes and arranges, among other functions, the national laws on olive oil from all member states. In this sense, the Mario Solinas prize, organized annually by the IOC, is of course an official recognition that is very important for us. He enjoys great international prestige and his jury is very rigorous in the selection of the awarded oils ".

The first day
Francisco Vañó wanted to be a journalist but ended up working for almost two decades in the banking sector. It was in 2003 when he decided to make a radical change to his professional record and, together with his sister, devote himself to the production of oil. 
"I remember perfectly my first day as CEO of Castillo de Canena. It was on June 9 of that year. My sister Rosa and I started the day in Madrid with a couple of meetings and mid-morning we left for Jaén because we had a working lunch. 
"It was not, however, a blind adventure: his family has been engaged in the production of oil since 1780, being them the ninth generation. Most likely in those more than two hundred years of legacy and tradition is the secret of its success, of how in just three decades, Castillo de Canena has positioned itself at the top of its guild's pyramid. 
"In the first place we had the fortune of, in 2003, being practically pioneers in the creation of a new category within the olive oils: the Premium or High Range AOVEs," reveals Francisco Vañó. 
"To this we must add that since our beginnings we have not stopped innovating in the agronomic, industrial and product areas, constantly investing resources, strengthening equipment and carrying out commercial work, focused eminently on foreign markets, very intense and vast. We have had perseverance, will, imagination, ability to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and gather a group of excellent professionals at our side very motivated and with clearly defined objectives ".

Exporting vocation
In Castillo Canena they make three different oils: Picual Family Reserve, Arbequino and Royal. Every year they produce a very similar amount of the first two varieties, their authentic core-business. In the case of the Royal, on the contrary, its harvest is much more limited. 
"We only have a small payment of 16 hectares, so our production of this EVOO is very low, between 6,000 and 7,000 liters per year. Fortunately, in the next campaign will enter into production a new olive plantation of the Royal variety that we did three years ago, so we hope to slightly increase this figure. 
"With an annual turnover approaching 3 million euros, approximately 70% of our turnover is allocated to the 52 external markets where we are present. 
"Since our genesis, Castillo de Canena was born with a clear exporting vocation," says its CEO. 
"Currently, our main country by turnover is the United Kingdom, followed by the US and Japan." 
For Francisco Vañó the success in a certain international market is very based on the relationship of partnership that they are able to establish with the local importer. 
"The attitude of our local partner, their faith in the product, in the project, their link with Castillo de Canena, is fundamental to build a brand together in an external market". 
Living a more than remarkable present, in Castillon de Canena they have very clear corporate objectives for their future in the short and medium term. 
"We will continue to launch new products from our AOVES (we have about 15 projects in the pipe-line) and to continue our commitment to innovation, research, sustainability and the environment, CSR and continue to increase our presence, especially, in international markets. "