tirsdag, mars 21, 2017

Du er et tidsvitne: Skriv din egen bok

"I was watching a talk being given by my friend, Tucker Max. He blew my mind with one thing he said.
In the talk he says: 
“What if you want your great-grandkids to know your family’s history. You can now write it in a book and publish that on Amazon.”
Nobody will buy it! Only your great-grandkids. And their great grandkids.
But there it is: your family history. 
Never before could someone do that because no publisher would have deemed it worthwhile.
But it IS worthwhile. Your family history is priceless to your descendants. And now it can be made into a book.
So the definition of a book is up to you. It’s no longer up to a handful of four publishers with a small army of editorial assistants who have the power to “yes” or “no” a good idea."
Les James Altucher 12 viktigste punkter, her!
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