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El skrei, la joya nómada de la gastronomía noruega - Esquire

Skrei: The nomadic jewel of Norwegian gastronomy


Vikings flare every January from the distant Barents Sea to our markets, restaurants and homes. It is the fresh smell that the skrei, that unique cod from Norway arrived in the end of April to put on the table a delicacy that gives in its pearly color the best taste of the Norwegian Sea.
Four unique months in which the skrei makes its annual migration that takes you from the cold Arctic waters to the somewhat less cold waters of the Lofoten Islands. There we capture most of this cod loaded with energy and muscle that nevertheless becomes a subtle delight when we welcome him with open arms in our kitchens.
Due to its migratory nature and subject to seasonality, the skrei is not a 'cultivable' product, therefore the sustainability efforts made by Norway are even more important so that the skrei can spawn in Lofoten every year and then Taste of kitchens like the Spanish, a pair of historic cod dancing.
Three of the Michelin stars of the capital, María Marte and his two stars from The Club Allard, Manuel Domínguez and his star in Lúa, or Javier Aranda, met us at La Cabra with one of their two stars. In good hands and with good product between them we set out to discover everything the skrei has to offer us this season.
Pil pil cítrico en Lúa de Manuel Domínguez 
No matter the type of cooking or the garnish. The skrei is equally adapted to grilled, to the plates or the stews, like good cod that is. And he does not care to surround himself with citrus as it was in the case of one of the dishes that Manuel Domínguez presented, do it in the form of ceviche with Maria Marte or get baked in the stoves of Javier Aranda.
Skrei en cuaresma sobre batata, skrei confitado y ceviche de skrei y espuma de pico de gallo sobre arepa de María Marte de El Club Allard. 
In each and every one there is a unique aroma of fresh and tasty cod with a well defined wide flake and wrapped in that white mother-of-pearl that reminds us of the eternal ice that accompanies him at his birth in the Barents Sea.
Skrei dorado en brandada de Javier Aranda en La Cabra. 
A pleasure for gourmets who have the opportunity to rediscover the cod beyond the most conventional preparations in a sort of toast with the sea that Norway brings us. Also as we do not want to leave you with the skrei on the lips, we invite you to discover these recipes that Sea of Norway offers us to succeed with the skrei.
Uno a uno y de manera artesanal se despieza y seca el skrei después de ser capturado en alta mar. 
An ephemeral pleasure for all lovers of good food and the best fish that can enjoy this Norwegian delight until the end of April. Four months of pure flavor and intensity that admits almost any preparation on the stove. Freshness and subtlety in a different way to enjoy the cod that goes beyond the legendary layers of salt with which we usually accompany you.

Of fine and elegant meat, the skrei does not need the artifacts of salting to offer us all its potential on the table. Take advantage of the fact that there are only four months to offer to Norway, the skrei and everything that comes from the Barents Sea and that in these Viking raids only bring fish and have left the drakkars.
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