mandag, august 15, 2016

NOMA:The birthplace of the modern Scandinavian movement that’s sweeping the globe

The story:
The Scandi gastronomy movement that has taken hold across the world started at a renovated warehouse in Copenhagen in 2003 when René Redzepi took it upon himself to revive and update Nordic food using contemporary cooking methods. Noma has since gone on to change the way dining rooms operate and put foraging for ingredients firmly in the spotlight.
The vibe:
Chefs bring out the dishes themselves to guests in the relaxed and casual dining room that has views over Copenhagen’s quayside. The stripped-back interior matches Redzepi’s unfussy and naturalistic style of cooking.
The meny:
Vegetables and foraged ingredients take centre stage, but don’t be fooled, this isn’t your ordinary restaurant fare. Simple-sounding dishes such as apples and lemon thyme, cabbage leaves and white currants, new Danish potato and nettle and sliced raw squid and kelp provide explosions of taste and texture, with ingredients shown in a different light to how many will have previously experienced them.
Redzepi has successfully taken Noma to London, Tokyo and Sydney, embracing the local cuisines in the process. He plans to close Noma at the end of 2016 and will eventually reopen the restaurant as an urban farm. He has also just opened the more casual 108.
The books about Nordic cuisine: