mandag, februar 15, 2016

Piu Piu new book from Bianca Gubalke in Cape Town

Text from Amazon: Norsk tekst her!
"Set in a land of shifting realities – the Western Cape coast of South Africa, between Nature’s paradise and a ruthless world – and based on the heartbreaking true story of a human-animal bond, this magical journey reveals how one powerful girl with her enigmatic cat and the wild creatures who are her constant guides, join in the ultimate adventure: to unlock the mystery of life after death. 
Who am I? Where do we come from? Why do we live? Where do we go when we die? Is there an afterlife? Do animals have souls? 
We all know about the surge of interest in the survival of consciousness after death as millions of baby boomers face their own mortality. All this is reflected in popular TV shows and movies, as well as trailblazing videos on the Web. The fact is that life’s fast pace and our personal fears often keep us from addressing the most important of existential questions, which can cost us our emotional wellbeing, happiness and health. This is where this enchanting magical realism novel with its heartwarming true tales from the animal kingdom – snails, lizards, owls, mongooses, toads, Cape cobras, bees and praying mantises to name just a few – and its unforgettable characters, fills the gap. 
With its unique perspective based on captivating human-animal bonds and interspecies communication, ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ takes you into a world without boundaries, without fear or pretense, a universe where we know who we are and have free choice to create and explore. It is here that Anata decides upon an ambitious new life adventure and she literally falls from heaven to earth at the feet of an inquisitive African child called Pippa, and her enigmatic cat, MadMax. They promptly rescue the orphaned gosling and call it ‘Piu Piu’ – then their journey together begins. But during this journey of passion and courage, laughter and tears, joy and jealousy, truth and treachery, triumph and failure, reaching into the mystery of mysteries: death, Piu Piu’s memories of who she really is and where she came from, disappear. 
First, life is happiness. It seems like a dream. Above all, there is Piu Piu’s desire to fly and to be free; there is her bliss when she rises above her personal drama and, briefly, touches the sky. But, all too soon, she sinks into despair when she loses her ability to fly, and her archenemy – Charlot, the caracal – pursues her like a shadow, bent on making her his meal before she turns three. 
Pippa tries to protect her fosterling, but she clashes with her dad – a pilot and contentious figure whose nature seems to reflect the opposite of her gentle mother. While his temper forces both women to reveal their strengths, it is an additional source of angst for Piu Piu. However, the much bigger threat for the goose is Pippa’s German great-grandfather, a botanist, long dead, who supports Pippa in her quest for knowledge and takes her back to her roots. 
Tragically, in Piu Piu’s eyes, this ancestor is only a figment of Pippa’s imagination luring her into a realm where she cannot follow, and which Pippa only shares with the cat. When the jealous goose sees a chance to bring an end to her pain, she does so without scruples nor hesitation. Heartbroken, Pippa blames the cat for her loss and Dad bans the goose from the house, separating her from the being she truly loves. 
Exposed to a ruthless world, Piu Piu soon regrets her devious deed. Vulnerable and lame, hunted by a hungry beast and burdened by her betrayal, she realizes that there’s only one way to overcome her fear of death and find true freedom. But now time is limited. Reason tells her there’s no escape – but her intuition says there is . . .
As you follow the hero’s journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, personal transformation and healing, discover how your feelings are the key to your eternal soul: “What you are the vibration of, appears; the rest remains unseen.”