søndag, februar 10, 2013

Paella 108 oppskrifter av Alberto Herraiz

Paella 108 recipes by Alberto Herraiz
Paella is Spain's best-loved dish, popular the world over and perfect to cook for friends. The definitive home-cooking manual on paella from the renowned expert, Alberto Herraiz. Explains everything you need to know in order to cook authentic paella at home, showing the basics step by step and covering all the techniques and ingredients. Contains 116 recipes for numerous varieties of paella, from the most simple to lesser-known regional variations.

Alberto Herraiz
The maestro of tapas in Paris. This is how Alberto Herraiz is known. A native of Cuenca in Castile-La Mancha, his move to the 'city of light' has turned out to be a great success. After much hard work and determination, Herraiz was eventually able to find a place on the culinary panorama of the French capital in which to preach the virtues of Spanish gastronomy and his own ways with gazpacho, rice dishes and tapas....read more!
Restaurant Fogon, Paris
Paella 108 recipes by Alberto Herraiz

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