tirsdag, desember 18, 2012

Floid After Shave

This is a genuine bottle of Floid Aftershave
1965. I got my first job , as a salesman, in a Norwegian cosmetic company. Marwell Hauge. Representing several big cosmetic brands: l'Oreal, Madame Rochas, Nina Ricci and many more. Mainly French brands, but why do I expose this picture of a bottle of Floid After Shave? 
For only one reason, and I will tell you the story:
At that time, 1965, Floid After Shave was the best selling after shave brand in Norway. Norway was the country with most sold bottles pr. residents in the world. 
This was obviously something the Spanish Company behind Floid wanted to give credit to the Norwegian Salesmen. Travelling all over this long cold country to selling after shave from Spain.
Just before christmas 1965 I received a note from the Post Office that it had arrived a parcel from Spain to me. I could not understand what this was about. I did not know anyone from Spain and had in no way any direct connection with someone from Spain.
Excited I came home from the Post Office with a parcel from Spain. Unrapping the paper I found two bottles of fine Spanish Sherry, and a very nice christmas card telling me how much the director of the Floid After Shave company in Spain 
appreciated my sales work promoting their product on the Norwegian market:
I can asure you, the sales figure was not pointing downwords in 1966.