søndag, mars 11, 2012

Kripta Cava fra Agistí Torelló Mata

Kripta was born in Can Rossell.1979.
A new, unique and extraordinary cava was born in this year: Kripta.
His creator, Agustí Torelló Mata, an oenologist devoted to the world of cava since 1950, decided to make his dream come true and create a customized cava only for friends and great connoisseurs. Each bottle of Kripta is the result of blending the very limited harvest of the oldest vines in Penedès with the character, art, experience and savoir faire of Agustí Torelló Mata.
The project took shape in the old family home of Can Rossell. The idea was to produce an extraordinary cava like none other. And as the extraordinary can not be improvised, we waited over 30 years to market it. Quality, wisdom, perseverance and enjoying something that is unique is the leitmotiv of Kripta.

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