torsdag, februar 24, 2011 - nye tapasoppskrifter

From Lisa & Tony Sierra, your Guide to Spanish Food
This week we have a new tapa recipe, Torta de Foie, Carpaccio y Queso, which is a sort of pizza. We also feature chicken fried with garlic and onions. No photo yet because it disappears so fast in our house, we don't get the chance to take one. Last, an easy hot soup from Castilla-La Mancha - Toasted Soup, or Sopa Tostada. As always, we wish you Buen Provecho!

New Tapa Recipe - Torta de Foie, Carpaccio y Queso Parmesan 
Our new tapa recipe this week comes from Tony's sister. She prepared this torta, (which we'd probably call a pizza) for a recent celebration at home, then sent us the... Read more

Spanish Fried Chicken w Onions & Garlic Recipe 
Pieces of chicken are pan-fried in olive oil, then onions and garlic are added and cooked until caramelized. This is a rich dish, full of sweet taste of caramelized onions... Read more

Spanish Toasted Soup Recipe - Sopa Tostada de Castilla-La 
Sautéed onions and garlic swimming in hot chicken broth, and a piece of crispy toast topped with melted cheese floating on the onions. Just what you needed on a cold winter day, right? This easy soup recipe takes about 30 minutes...Read more

Recipes for Spanish salads. Spaniards enjoy a variety of salads, from fresh and refreshing tomato salad for the summer, to "ensalada mixta" with artichokes, tuna and olives included.