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Fwd: Amazon.com: The Best Cookbooks of 2009

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Emne: Amazon.com: The Best Cookbooks of 2009

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Best Books of 2009
Dear Amazon.com Customer,
As someone who has purchased books on cooking, food, and wine from Amazon.com, you might be interested in our choices for the best books of 2009, including our Top 10 Editors' Picks in Cookbooks below. Visit our Best Books of 2009 Store to see our Top 100 Editors' Picks and Customer Favorites, can't-miss reads and great gift ideas in nearly two dozen categories, and more.
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Editors' Picks: Top 10 Cookbooks of 2009
<txt:{italic}>Ad Hoc at Home
<txt:{italic}>My New Orleans
<txt:{italic}>Rustic Fruit Desserts
<txt:{italic}>My Bread
1. Momofuku
2. Ad Hoc at Home
3. My New Orleans
4. Rustic Fruit Desserts
5. My Bread
<txt:{italic}>Rose's Heavenly Cakes
<txt:{italic}>Seven Fires
<txt:{italic}>New Classics Family Dinners
6. Baking
7. Well-Preserved
8. Rose's Heavenly Cakes
9. Seven Fires
10. New Classics Family Dinners
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Top 100 Editors' Picks
Top 100 Customer Favorites
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Editor's Picks: Best of the Month
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