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The Whiter the Chocolate
By Andrea(Andrea)
If you crave pure, unadorned white chocolate, then the pricey Amedei bar cannot be beat. It is rich, silky and creamy - all things that pure white chocolate should be. I first learned of the sibling pair (Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri) ...
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Finnish wine and gastronomy fair in August
By (Per & Britt)
The Finnish chocolatier Jonas Hoffsten will present the exclusive Amedei chocolate and explain what to drink to it; the TV chef Aki Wahlman will have cooking presentations; and BKWine will do wine tastings on the Languedoc and on new ...
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Amedei La Tavoleta Tuscany (Toscano Black 63%)
By Hal
Toscano Black 63% is the second chocolate produced by Amedei. It was created from a blend of various kinds of cacao. It has a very rich pleasant flavor, strong fruity, with a nice bitter aftertone. One of the best bittersweet chocolates ...

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Newsweek - USA
Drive 90 minutes to Pisa for a factory tour and sampling of delectable Amedei chocolate ( ). California: Book into the graceful mission-style ...
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Twin Cities chocolate stores
By (Casey)
Has some unusal things, only place in town to pick up Republica del Cacao, Amedei, L'Artigiano, and several others. One day I stopped in and was given a few tasting squares (this is how I learned of the Maglio Cuba) and also a couple ...
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Keep it zipped - the shoe of the season - UK
Note that these zippy numbers are by Christian Louboutin: just as a gourmet in a chocolate shop might demand Valrhona or Amedei over Green & Blacks in order ...

By chocolateschool(chocolateschool)
I only bought 1 box of Amedei's I Cru, which contains 6 cocoa monorigin selections - Ecuador, Grenada, Jamaica, Madagascar, Trinidad and Venezuela - 2 squares each, all 70% bitter chocolate, total weight 55 grams, for a whopping S$29.50 ...
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Napolèon Bonaparte,
By Jo(Jo)
Here is another chocolate mousse which I got from the Yahoo groups cookery club I belong to. I absolutely adore chocolate mousse. Amedei Chocolate Mousse Servings: 4 275g dark chocolate (70-75 per cent), cut into small pieces, ...