tirsdag, juli 10, 2007

Fernando de Castilla, omtale i USA

padFernando de Castilla Sherry Sampler

A while back I tried some outstanding Sherry – in fact, as a whole, the best Sherry I have ever had. It comes from Fernando de Castilla, a small estate producing world-class Sherry, olive oil, sherry vinegar and brandy from the Jerez region (located in Andalucia, the southernmost part of Spain). They are a boutique operation that is hoping to raise the quality of Sherry and turn it into a once again popular wine. These Sherries knocked my socks off and I am not a huge fan! The flavors are clear pure, the aromas are well defined and the packaging is beautiful – they are in clear bottles so that you can see the gorgeous color of the wine inside.

........les mer